HFQ Process & Lightweighting


HFQ logo email signature 2HOT FORM QUENCH (HFQ®) allows manufacturers to form deep drawn complex shapes from high and ultra high strength aluminium using a fast process with cycle time suitable for a range of volumes from niche to high.

HFQ® for Automotive Design

Exchange steel parts for aluminum without the need to simplify or split the geometry HFQ for Automotive Design - Exchange
Consolidate aluminum parts due to improved formability with fewer operations while maintaining acceptable elongation (i.e. better crash performance) HFQ for Automotive Design - Consolidate
Use high-strength grades to allow downgauging (reduce weight, reduce material usage) HFQ for Automotive Design - Downgauging
Remove the need for springback-compensation in tool and part design HFQ for Automotive Design - Removes springback
Remove reinforcement panels otherwise required to add strength HFQ for Automotive Design - Removes reinforcement panels
Replace high strength Al extrusions with high-strength HFQ® pressings HFQ for Automotive Design - Replace with HFQ

HFQ® Heat Treatment Forming and cold-die Quenching system
for high-strength aluminium alloys

HFQ Process and Lightweighting

Heating the material uses energy.  But HFQ® does not require pre-tempered material.  The tempering stage has moved from the rolling mill to the Tier 1.

HFQ® does NOT introduce additional heating stages to the supply chain. 

For more information about HFQ® and how it can make a difference to your project, please contact us.

Impression Technologies has been instrumental in developing this unique process for revolutionising the usability of aluminium. Alongside our license agreement, we can also provide the knowledge and expertise to support HFQ® technology, empowering you to transform your project and open up a world of new possibilities using this lightweight yet robust material.