Locolite projectEnvironmental wellbeing backed by increasingly severe legislation dictates that pollution and energy consumption by automobiles must be reduced significantly. The outcomes of this project will enable both these imperatives to be achieved simultaneously. The project aim is to establish production lines in Europe that manufacture components for lightweight complex-shaped body structures of automobiles, trains and aircrafts, which are significantly lighter and of comparable strength and stiffness to those currently available.

This will be achieved by exploiting a new patented thermo-mechanical processing technology (HFQ®) for sheet aluminium alloy that enables, for the first time, parts in heat treatable alloys to be produced to net-shape with maximum attainable mechanical properties. The life-cycle energy consumption of cars, trucks, buses, aircrafts and railways will be reduced; in the production stage, by the low energy requirements of HFQ®, which is enhanced by the potential use of low cost recycled raw material and in the driving stage, by the reduced fuel consumption associated with lightweight vehicles.


Features of the LoCoLite Project

• HFQ® formedLocolite panel
• Deep drawn at approx. 200 mm with addendum
• Made of high strength aluminium alloy
• Produced in one hit





Watch LoCoLite Door Inner HFQ® forming simulation

LoCoLite Door Inner Stamping


• High quality HFQ® forming simulation
• The end productuct validated results and demostrated excellent correlation

Locolite door inners



LoCoLite door inner – thinning prediction

These diagrams show our thinning predictions for the door inner

Locolite thinning prediction Locolite thinning prediction 2 web











LoCoLite door inner – wrinkling correlation

The results from our test proved that the correct wrinkling behaviour was predicted

Locolite wrinkling behaviour

LoCoLite door inner – springback deviation


Locolite spring back deviation


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