HFQ Aluminium Door Panel

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What is HFQ®?

HFQ® is a production method for stamping complex-shaped aluminium components from High-Strength and Ultra-High-Strength alloys. The process uses high-strength grades to enable gauge reduction and deletion of strength driven reinforcements

Reducing costs

HFQ® is being used to reduce cost through design of stiff, strong components within tight packaging constraints, enabling part integration and deletion of reinforcing parts and reductions in tooling investment. Costs are reduced through the use of high-strength pressed panels to allow gauge reduction and deletion of reinforcing panels and extrusions. Assembly operations, tooling design and design iterations are significantly reduced through the use of  deep draw capability to combine panels.

Reducing mass

HFQ® is being used to reduce mass by using high-strength grades. HFQ® panels are delivering ≈20% weight reduction compared to some conventionally pressed aluminium grades. Designers benefit from the freedom of tight bend radii, low springback and high levels of formability to create the ideal part design


Impression Technologies has exclusive rights to license this technology
with expert know-how developed over 13 years in conjunction with Imperial College, London.


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